Get Your Zombie Frank On With The Upcoming Dead Rising 4 DLC

Posted by March 20, 2017 Comment


Dead Rising 4 will be getting two DLC packs in the near future, with one featuring a zombie version of Frank West. Yeah, I wasn’t kidding with that title.

The DLC in question is called Frank Rising, and the single-player content pack sees Frank infected and trying to find a cure. He’ll have to eat some brains in order to survive instead of consuming food, but in the meantime, enjoy the awesome zombie strength and abilities. You can zombify yourself starting on April 4th. Sadly, we have no pictures of zombie frank for you at the moment. I’m sure they’ll surface soon.

The second DLC pack for Dead Rising 4 is Super Ultra Dead Rising Mini Golf where you score powerups and beat zombies with golf clubs.  This mode will also be available for online multiplayer so yeah, you and some friends can go around killing zombies in a modified version of the whitest sport ever created. No, I’m kidding, that’s shuffle board. Still, the zombie-golf thing is a bit beyond me. We don’t have a date yet for this DLC, but do try and keep your eyes on the ball, yeah? In any case, it will likely be coming shortly after the single-player expansion.

They don’t want to miss the follow-through. Obviously.

Now that I’m done making horrible sports jokes, you’ll be happy to know that both Dead Rising 4 DLC packs are included with the season pass. Without a season pass, they cost $10 each.

And hey, you can finally get the game on Steam now.

(Last Updated March 20, 2017 3:01 pm )