Lying In The Gutters, 19th March 2017 - "Where's My Cake, Bedelia?"

Lying In The Gutters, 19th March 2017 – “Where’s My Cake, Bedelia?”

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Goodbye Bernie.

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. Massive Mighty Morphin Spoilers For The Power Rangers Movie, Revealed
  2. Did We Just Learn More About Wonder Woman’s Origins Than Intended?
  3. Reading The Tea Leaves For Marvel Comics Cancellations
  4. Marvel’s Iron Fist… Ignore The Critics, Judge For Yourself
  5. How The Flash Led To The Return Of Prison Break
  6. It’s Donald Trump’s Fault Iron Fist Is Bad, Not Marvel’s, Says Star Finn Jones
  7. Not The Greatest News For Anyone Who Bought The DC Rebirth Omnibus
  8. So What Actually Are The New 52 Superman And The Pre 52 Superman Anyway? (SPOILERS)
  9. Huge Ratings Drop Expected For Tonight’s WWE Smackdown As Rachel Maddow Promises Trump Tax Returns At 9PM
  10. Is O’Reilly Auto Parts Offering Up Time Travel?
  11. Stephen Amell Had Trouble Finding Something To Wear To John Barrowman’s 50th B-Day Party
  12. SPOILERS! The Big Reveal On How Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man Ties In With Secret Empire
  13. The Peter Parker/Mary Jane Watson Marriage Will Never Ever Return “Up To Infinity” Says Dan Slott
  14. Samuel L. Jackson Basically Confirms Nick Fury Solo Movie With Red Skull For Marvel Studios Phase 4
  15. Chris Evans Is Done With Playing Captain America After Avengers: Infinity War And Sequel, Unless He Isn’t
  16. More DC Comics Omnibuses, Absolutes, Completes, Deluxes And Big Books For 2017 And 2018
  17. Is There A Secret Scene In Logan? Well…SPOILERS
  18. Marvel Comics Cancel Ghost Rider Early, Next Issue #5 Will Be Its Last
  19. Marvel Adapts Thor: The Dark World And Incredible Hulk Movies As A Comic Ahead Of Thor: Ragnarok
  20. The 8th Doctor Vs The Weeping Angels

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. Comic Legend Bernie Wrightson Has Passed Away
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  3. Does Amazing Spider-Man #25 Confirm That Magneto Is Hydra? Or Has Nazi Hair? (SPOILERS)
  4. Well That Escalated Quickly – Alex De Campi Cancels Graphic Novels Kickstarter On First Day
  5. “The War Of Jokes And Riddles” – Joker Vs The Riddler Coming To Batman This Summer
  6. Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 12th March 2017 – “DC Is Going To Find Out Just How Good An Idea Holding The Line At $2.99 Was”
  7. Splitting Up Angela And Sera For Want Of A Forwarding Address (Guardians Of The Galaxy Spoilers)
  8. Dan Slott’s First Marvel Creative Summits – And How He Voted Down Gwen Stacy Coming Back
  9. Amazon Fishing For More Marvel Big Books In 2017 – Omnibuses, Classic Collections And Big Books
  10. Frank Miller Dark Knight III #6 Cover Original Art Sells For $55,000






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