After Just Two Seasons, MTV's Scream TV Show Already Getting A Reboot


As reboot fever continues to spread throughout the entertainment industry like a particularly unoriginal version of gonorrhea, the third season of MTV's Scream will be a reboot, according to a report from Deadline. Apparently, despite a six season third episode renewal, the cast has been told to take other jobs and MTV is looking for a new cast, showrunner, and storyline to reboot the beleaguered movie franchise, which was already rebooted once a TV show. It seems the ratings for the second season were half those of the first, leading MTV and production company Dimension TV to panic and hit the reset button, which we imagine at this point is an actual big red button encased in a glass box next to a sign which reads "Break glass if franchise accidentally amasses more than one installment of continuity" and a tiny hammer on a string.

Personally, while the new version of Scream is sure to capture the attention of MTV's target demographic of Gen-X-ers who are trying to keep up with what teenagers are into these days not realizing they all just watch stuff on YouTube, we're personally most looking forward to where they take this concept three or four reboots from now, which should be about 2021.

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