War Thunder's Update 1.67 Does Not Include The New Assault Game Mode

War Thunder’s Update 1.67 Does Not Include The New Assault Game Mode

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Military MMOG War Thunder received it’s latest major update 1.67 Assault! yesterday, and while it did add the promised vehicles and maps, it did not come with the ‘Assault’ game mode. You know, the thing it’s named for.

Gaijin Entertainment announced that the update came with almost twenty new vehicles including Japanese tanks and three new battle locations, bringing the total number of maps to upwards of 80. But the new cooperative game mode ‘Assault’ is still in the works. And yet, it headlined their press release, almost like the game mode went live with everything else in 1.67.

The specific section of the release that details the new game mode reads “coming soon, available in two iterations, the new game mode challenges players to defend a strategic location against waves of enemy ground vehicles or aircraft. For tankers, combat is fought tank to tank on the ground, with the ability to temporarily support teammates in attack aircraft or bombers. Pilots are tasked with maintaining air superiority over a zone by fending off enemy bombers approaching from all directions. As each successive wave is stronger than the previous one, players have to work together to hold out until the end, upon which they will receive well-deserved rewards.” The patch trailer even opens with the Assault mode. It’s ridiculous.

So yeah, it sounds great, but when are we getting it? Soon, apparently. No further details mentioned so it could be anywhere from a week to a month away, I’d wager. In the meantime, have fun with those 19 new vehicles. You have so many to choose from, why not try them all? It’ll take up some of that wait time if nothing else.

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