Suicide Squad Vs Teen Titans In DC’s Newest Versus

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DC continues their Versus videos this week, pitting two of their teams head to head: The Suicide Squad vs the Teen Titans. In the video, the teams are described as having very different motivations. The Titans are fighting for justice and a sense of good while the Squad is fighting for self preservation. They make it sound like that an advantage to the Titans, but I don’t see it that way. What is a better motivator than staying alive? And if your purpose is the great good, than there will be limits on what you are willing to do to obtain that. Lines you can’t cross without defeating your own purpose. But if your motive is to stay alive, then those moral line may begin to blur. Take the willingness to do whatever it takes, add in years of experience and I think the Squad is more than capable of taking down a bunch of young heroes.

Good does not always triumph over evil.

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