Pinup Girls With Arrows: Lady Robin Hood Pinball

Pinup Girls With Arrows: Lady Robin Hood Pinball

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Lady Robin Hood is a beautiful example of an early modern pinball machine. While this machine is a game of skill due to the three sets of flippers, there is still more chance than skill to this game. Gottlieb released Lady Robin Hood in 1948, but at a show in 1949 they presented two other prototype of this machine. One with a clear glass cabinet (which to date I have not seen pictures of), and one that accepted different types of coins which resulted in a larger front to the cab in order to accommodate the larger coin mechanism. According to the Internet Pinball Machine Database, the machine also had…

“The front coin door had a credit light and an illuminated credit button for dark locations. A Merkle-Korff motor, mounted underneath the playfield, would run one cycle to reset the game, simulating the thrust of a coin slide.”

The prototypes were advanced for their time, and showed the world what Gottlieb was fully capable of making. Lady Robin Hood was also the second pinball made by Gottlieb to have flippers (the first being Humpty Dumpty). Gottlieb produced 6,000 of these machines, which was six times the volume of their previous flipperless machines. The game was a huge hit for Gottlieb.


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