The Folio Society To Produce An Edition Of From Hell By Alan Moore And Eddie Campbell

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The Folio Society is a privately owned London-based publisher, founded by Charles Ede in 1947 that produces illustrated hardback editions of classic fiction and non-fiction books, poetry and children’s titles. Folio editions feature specially designed bindings and include artist-commissioned illustrations (most often in fiction titles) or researched artworks and photographs (in non-fiction titles). Many editions come with their own slipcase.

Leaking out of the London Book Fair comes the news that the Folio Society is bringing out a new edition of Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell‘s masterpiece From Hell.

Seeing as their stuff is often about commissioning new illustrations for print books, seems a bit odd to do a graphic novel they can’t really add much to. Slipcase? Better quality paper and printing?

Colour me intrigued.

It appears there was a survey for Folio Society members earlier in the year.



We are currently looking to publish a Folio Society edition of From Hell, Alan Moore’s graphic-novel masterpiece about Jack the Ripper – regularly voted one of the greatest graphic novels of all time. Whilst this is still at such an early stage that we cannot give you too many details, you can rest assured that this will be a marvellous, definitive version of the book. Our edition would be strictly limited in number

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