The Surge Is Dark Souls With Robots

The Surge Is Dark Souls With Robots

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Developer Deck13 released a new trailer today for their upcoming action-RPG, The Surge. The trailer also gives us a release date and shows off protagonist Warren fighting his way through a facility inhabited by robot baddies and presumably owned by the Creo corporation. Because everyone knows the corporate world is full of evil.

The game pulls heavily from the Dark Souls series in terms of difficulty and timing. So it’s all going to be down to reflexes and skill. And it focuses on duels, so it’s quite a bit like For Honor as well in that sense.


The protagonist of The Surge is a man named Warren who comes equipped to fight robots with an industrial exoskeleton and a massive gun. You’ll progress through the game looting weapons and armor from the enemies you duel, taking advantage of the limb-targeting system to cut off parts of enemy robots you’d like to salvage for yourself.

Along with your evil robotic nemeses, you’ll also run across survivors of the robot apocalypse who need help or can offer you assistance. Accepting their missions will net extra rewards, but taking more time increases the difficulty, and eventually you will run out of ways to upgrade your gear. So, you can’t quite play this in a leisurely fashion completing every quest you find. Or at least, that’s the general idea.

The Surge is now slated for release on May 16th and has the usual pre-order bonuses of slight tactical advantages and a different piece of gear – in this case a different robotic exoskeleton. The new trailer is below. You can take a look at fourteen minutes of uninterrupted gameplay here if you’d like a deeper look at the action.

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