The Mobius Final Fantasy Crossover With Final Fantasy XV Is Live

The Mobius Final Fantasy Crossover With Final Fantasy XV Is Live

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Fellow Final Fantasy fanatics, the crossover between Mobius Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy XV is here. Limited FFXV cards are making their way to the trading card game for a two-week collaboration. For the two week crossover event, Noctis, Lady Lunafreya, Prompto, and other characters from FFXV will lend their special powers to the Warrior of Light as new ability cards. Additionally, the rare and powerful “Unbreakable Bonds: FINAL FANTASY XV” Supreme card will also join the line-up of special event cards. It grants players the powerful “Royal Arms” ability to take down even the strongest of foes. Kind of like the Armiger ability in FFXV.


During the event, players will be able to perform one ability card summon per day at no cost. And up to six different Final Fantasy XV stamps and two exclusive ability cards, the Regalia and Cindy, are available as login bonuses. The event began today and ends March 31st.


March will have a few other events for players of Mobius Final Fantasy.  Players will get two new jobs, as well as additions to the legend job line-up, and new ability cards. The new jobs are Berserker and Rogue. Those two new jobs, along with new ability cards, will give players the edge in the fight against Anima and Ultima—the latest additions to the Ring of Braves multiplayer arena. Furthermore, until March 23, players can gain an edge in multiplayer battles through the Revival Stamp Campaign, which grants recovery from incapacitation once per battle without the use of phoenix down.

Mobius Final Fantasy is available as a free download on the App Store, Google Play, and Steam.

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