Hulk Hogan Denies Wrestlemania Return Again, This Time Has Alibi Prepared

Hulk Hogan Denies Wrestlemania Return Again, This Time Has Alibi Prepared

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Disgraced pro wrestler Hulk Hogan has been denying rumors he will return to WWE at this year’s Wrestlemania since at least November, when his daughter Brooke let slip to TMZ that he was preparing for the event. Hogan was fired from WWE in 2015 after a recording of an n-word laced racist rant by The Hulkster was released as part of his battle with Gawker over his secretly recorded sex tape cuckolding Florida radio host Bubba The Love Sponge, proving once and for all that pro wrestling has nothing on real life when it comes to pure ****ing insanity.

But in recent years, WWE seems to be prepping for his return, with Hall-of-Famer Booker T recently calling for forgiveness for Hogan, and WWE mentioning him more on screen when, prior to that, he had been given “the Chris Benoit treatment,” which is when WWE pretends you don’t exist because you did something that embarrassed them, such as going on a racist rant while filming a sex tape, or murdering your family and then committing suicide. These sorts of things happen in the wrestling industry more often than you might expect.

And of course, wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer recently said to expect Hogan’s return “sooner than later,” which pretty much makes it a sure thing, as Meltzer is so infuriatingly right about wrestling that Hogan once burned a copy of his Wrestling Observer Newsletter live on a WCW PPV in an attempt to convince viewers that Macho Man Randy Savage didn’t have an arm injury (he did). Truly, on that night, Hogan had worked himself into a shoot.


Still, Hogan swears he’s not coming back, and he even has an alibi — he’ll be at his store in Florida, brother. Which just happens to be in the same town as Wrestlemania. Nothing to see here.

Yeah, he’s definitely coming back.

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