Tekken 7's Post Release Plans Tease More Guest Characters

Tekken 7’s Post Release Plans Tease More Guest Characters

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Post-launch content is an absolute must these days, so Bandai Namco have started talking about their plans for Tekken 7‘s inevitable expansions. They teased two guest characters from other series during the reveal, which makes sense given what we know about Tekken 7 so far. Street Fighter‘s Akuma has been absorbed into the plot of Tekken 7 as being connected to Kazuma Mishima and the rest of the Mishima household.


The first round of bonus content will come in the summer of this year, and will include a new game mode and costumes. The second batch will be out in winter of 2017 (so probably November/December to get those holiday sales) and will include the first guest character, with the third coming in Spring 2018 and bringing forth the second guest character. There will also be free character panels for all during the rounds of bonus content.

As for who will be the two guest characters, your guess is as good as mine. We may get another familiar face from Street Fighter, or perhaps a character from yet another game franchise. It’s not much of a surprise to see that Tekken 7 will feature other guest characters. Once you’ve made the concessions for one cameo appearance, it’s much harder to say no to future ones.

Hopefully they’ll find a way to connect the guests in to the story to prevent the DLCs from feeling like nothing more than a gimmick or cash-grab.

Bandai Namco took to Twitter to make the announcement, and put it up in a nice handy info-graphic for us.

Tekken 7 is set to release on June 2nd for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If the game is anything like what we’ve played at trade shows this past year, it’s a relatively easy game to get on board with, which is always a plus for a fighting game.

The most recent character to be added to Tekken 7 is Eddy Gordo, the Brazilian Capoeira fighter who first made an appearance in Tekken 3.

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