“Source Crystals” To Be Your In-Game Currency For ‘Injustice 2’

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It would be nice if most games just stuck to the term “credits” when referring to in-game currency. Granted, there are some franchises who will probably never change, everyone live Rupees in Zelda and Gil in Final Fantasy. But when you’re designing a game and you’re trying to decide how people are going to pay for things, is it really necessary to come up with a brand new exchange program?

credit//Netherrealm Studios
credit//WB Games

Apparently, WB Games and Netherrealm Studios thought it was a good idea for Injustice 2 as you’ll now be paying with “Source Crystals,” and they can only be purchased with real money, according to an announcement made by the company yesterday. What do you spend these crystals on? Premiere skins, shades for skins, and that transformation gear you keep seeing in the trailers that make no sense or purpose yet. Premiere skins are simply models that change the character’s look and voice but offer no in-game advantage. Kind of like how the first Injustice had Stephen Amell’s Arrow costume, but in that game it was unlockable. But those hoping to use the crystals to cheat the system will be greatly disappointed as their FAQ at the bottom has made sure people can’t just pay their way to victory.

credit//WB Games

Do Source Crystals give me an advantage in the game?

No, Source Crystals will not give you or other players an advantage in the game. They are used for cosmetic options and time saving purposes only. To be clear, we value our community and want to confirm that you cannot “pay to win” in Injustice 2.

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