Harley Quinn – The Woman Destined To Kill Batman? (Spoilers)

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Today’s Harley Quinn #16 by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, John Timms and Joseph Michael Linsner. Doesn’t resemble its solicitation in any way, shape or form. It continues the Harley Quinn/Power Girl team-up against an aggressive subterranean alien figure, but also launches a plot for a future issue. By taking a look at the future.


And, yes, there has been a lot of that about. 2017, where the legacy of the Batman is a gladiatorial pit in Gotham City. As duelling participants ready themselves.


And where only one winner walks away. In this case Devani Kage.


With a prize to travel back in time to meet Batman. Could that explain all the wackos Batman ends up fighting, they are all people from the future wanting to meet him? But there is more afoot.


So there we go. And as we now, reading the Five Years Later books every portrayal of the DC Comics future is exactly what ends up happening…

Harley Quinn #16 is published today by DC Comics.


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