Alex Segura, For When Riverdale Runs Out Of Pictures

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dangerousends-1Meet Alex Segura – one of the busiest guys in comics? Maybe.

We’ve known Archie SVP of Publicity and Marketing Alex Segura for a long time. As in, over a decade and a half ago, long. Back when he was a stringer at Newsarama and later Wizard.

And then there was that time he sent out preview Superman B&W artwork from DC Comics with uncensored topless women, Oh how we laughed.

These days, after alternating stints at DC and Archie, he’s settled back at Riverdale, where he manages the company’s PR. He also edits their sporadic line of super-hero books, Dark Circle Comics and, if the temperature’s right, even writes a few books for the company – including Archie Meets Kiss and the recent Archie Meets Ramones crossover, with Matthew Rosenberg and Gisele Lagace.

That’s a lot. But apparently Segura finds time to write sordid crime tales set in Miami, his hometown, starring an alcoholic n’ever-do-well named Pete Fernandez. We gave you a heads up on his second book, Down the Darkest Street, last year. It seems he has another, more ambitious novel coming next month titled Dangerous Ends from publisher Polis Books. Based on the back cover copy (and a few positive reviews), it might be worth seeking out if you’re into the dark, noir/crime books Segura edits. That said, I wouldn’t hold your breath for a Gene Simmons or Joey Ramone cameo. But stranger things have happened.

You can pre-order his latest mystery here.

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