Speculator Corner: Quantum & Woody #1 From 1997

Posted by March 14, 2017 Comment


On December 26th, eBay user comicmanshipper of Allentown, Pennsylvania sold a copy of Quantum & Woody #1 from 1997 for 99 cents.

More recently, just a week ago, on March 7th, cyborgdolphin32 of Montgomery, Illinois sold Quantum And Woody #1-#21 for $10.50.

I am guessing both are kicking themselves right now.

Less than an hour after the news leaked that the Russo Bros are producing a Quantum & Woody series for Valiant Entertainment, to follow their Avengers movies, there is a run on the original 1997 series by Christopher Priest and MD Bright. After no sales for days, there have suddenly a rush as all cover-priced-or-anywhere-near first issues get snapped up, the highest paying $8. But I get the feeling that once this disseminates, this will go further and wider, especially the painted variant photo cover. Odds are issues from throughout that run would start doing an impersonation of Deadpool any second now.


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