Emma Frost Weighs In On Nazi Punching Debate In New Tie-In, Secret Empire: United

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Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool asked the question: “will Marvel’s Champions punch Nazis in already-delayed Secret Empire tie-in, Secret Empire: Uprising?” For the next (probably five dollar) one-shot supplementing the super-mega-crossover event in June, Marvel isn’t leaving things up to the imagination. Revealed on Marvel media partner website IGN, Emma Frost will lead a team of X-Men against Hydra in Secret Empire: United. From Jim Zub and Ario Anindito (with a cover by Ryan Stegman), the book provides readers the first glimpse at Frosts’ post-IvX status quo, in which she will, apparently, be leading her own team of X-Men, attempting to start a rebellion against Hydra in a mutant-controlled area of the U.S. called New Tian.

Wow. Emma Frost used her mind control powers to start a major war based on a lie during IvX, and still ended up a freedom-fighting hero during the follow-up super-mega-crossover event? Magneto got a really raw deal.


Secret Empire: United shows us both levels of Hydra’s orchestrated takeover; ground level conflict between ideologies and high level machinations by those in power,” Zub said of the one-shot. “It’s a super-powered thriller with twisted Avengers, X-Men, and Hydra all jockeying for their place in the new world that emerges from Secret Empire.”

Secret Empire: United hits stores in June. And on the cover: POW!


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