Well That Escalated Quickly – Alex De Campi Cancels Graphic Novels Kickstarter On First Day

Posted by March 13, 2017 Comment

This morning, we ran a story about Alex De Campi‘s one week, one reward, two graphic novel Kickstarter fundraiser that seemed to be doing the business. But it appears not everyone was on board.

She writes, in an update announcing the cancellation of the Kickstarter for Tycho Base and The Adventures of Scarlett Svenson.

Hey everyone! I have some terrible news. Due to changing financial circumstances on the team which I hadn’t realised when launching the project, we simply can’t produce the books on the current raise. This is entirely MY BAD, and I’m v embarrassed about it. We’re cancelling the project. As soon as my life calms down, I’ll letter Scarlett and have it up via Comixology Submit. I’m afraid Tycho Base is probably not going to see the light of day as it stands.

If you have pledged, FRET NOT, no money has been taken from you, and no money will be taken from you. I’m sorry to have wasted your time.
Sigh, comics. They’ll break your heart, they will.

That’s from James Romberger, who met Jack Kirby at a convention in New York. Dylan Horrocks recalls “Kirby kindly looked at Romberger’s work and then gave him a piece of advice: “Kid, you’re one of the best. But put your work in galleries. Don’t do comics. Comics will break your heart.”


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