Warner Bros. Wants Matthew Vaughn To Make Superman Fun Again In ‘Man Of Steel 2’

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man of steel posterThere are a lot of things that could be said about the DC Extended Universe, but the thing that seems to be dominating the discussion of the franchise is the lack of direction. While each of the movies that we’ve seen so far have been okay to terrible, the thing that really hurts them is that there doesn’t appear to be a solid hand guiding the entire production. When we are talking about something as massive as a cinematic universe, there should be someone looking over all of the pieces and making sure they all fit. When they don’t, there is a mad scramble in the editing room that is butchering promising projects out of the gate. Warner Bros. and DC Comics appear to be slowly learning the lesson that when you hire a creative, sometimes you need to step back and let them create while lending a helping hand, not driving the entire project.

Collider is reporting that Warner Bros. is looking at Matthew Vaughn to direct a sequel to Man of Steel which would be an interesting choice. At the moment the closest the DCEU has to humor is maybe Suicide Squad, and that is a stretch. One of the things that makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe unique is that it has a wide spectrum of genres and tones within the universe. In one corner of the universe we have Jessica Jones blatantly tackling issues of rape and consent, while in another corner Guardians of the Galaxy has a baby tree dancing to The Jackson 5. The DCEU needs some variety of tone in their movies, and there isn’t anyone better than Vaughn to bring some humor back to the embodiment of humanities’ greatest potential.

matthew-vaughnThis isn’t the first time Warner Bros. has talked to Vaughn about Superman, before they went for the Nolan/Goyer pitch. Vaughn said back in 2010 that he had a “thirty second chat” where he “just had an idea for a story for Superman — that was it.”

I just hope they don’t make it too serious. I think that’s the one thing not to do with Superman, trying to do the serious ‘The Dark Knight’ version. Superman is about color and fun, or it should be, for me.”

We did get a Superman that was “too serious” and it doesn’t really work, so perhaps a lighter vision is exactly what we need right now. Vaughn is currently finishing post-production for Kingsman: The Golden Circle so perhaps jumping ship to the DCEU will be his next step. This is currently all rumor at the moment, but Warner Bros. is very good at grabbing high quality directors and then shredding their work in post production. That being said, Vaughn is the one that basically revived the entire X-Men series with X-Men: First Class so this wouldn’t be the first time he’s brought life back into something thought nonviable.

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