What’s New In Destiny? We’ve Got It All In One Place For You


Bungie made their first major announcement about the final event for DestinyAge of Triumph yesterday, which also included information on the game’s sequel which we’re currently calling Destiny 2.

The first piece of information was not dumped in their livestream yesterday, and instead is about the fact that Destiny 2 will be preserving the “player’s relationship with their character” rather than their gear. So your basic character data, i.e. hair style, skin color, etc, will remain but you’ll be starting all over again with the gear grind. We already knew this bit last week, however this piece of news is noteworthy because IGN reached out to Destiny community manager DeeJ for comment. “What we talked about was a relationship with one’s character,”DeeJ told them, then got into a story about his relationship with his Warlock who is apparently an Exo with a “fondness for Dead Orbits,”as the type of things Bungie wanted to preserve by moving character data to Destiny 2.

Next up on the Destiny docket: Destiny Age of Triumph will absolutely be bringing back all previous raids in the game. So we will indeed be going back to the Vault of Glass and Crota’s End raids which will be updated to make them more challenging for players. Those raids will also be featured as one of the weekly duties assigned to players. Finally raids make their way to your weekly bonuses!

The official Destiny: Age of Triumph opening trailer also got dropped on us and is watchable below.

Finally, despite working tirelessly on Destiny 2, the team at Bungie will still be supporting the original. This is another reveal courtesy of IGN’s interview with DeeJ. “Destiny 1 will still be there. So if somebody wants to have a throwback night and go back and revisit the things that they loved about Destiny, they can,” he told them.

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I expect many people to go back to the first game. The story is a non-starter, the content is boring and repetitive, and there’s little reason for anyone to go back to it. Now, if someone’s a serialist, they might go pick up Destiny to play it before the sequel, but that’s also not exactly a large number of players. The problems Destiny has always had will still be there. Supporting it for the foreseeable future is nothing more than keeping a hold of dead weight.

But hey, at least you can get a T-shirt out of it?

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