Battalion 1944 Will Be Published By Square Enix Collective

credit//Bulkhead Interactive

In an attempt to revive the WWII shooter sub-genre, Bulkhead Interactive’s Battalion 1944 will be published by Square Enix Collective. While a gleeful part of me is excited to go punch some Nazis again – it’s a very retro pastime that is making a resurgence okay – I am a little bit shocked at just how into Battalion 1944 people are. The game reached its funding goal within 3 days of launching their Kickstarter a year ago. The game then went on to make about double what the devs originally asked for.

The game will be published through Square Enix’s collective label which publishes projects from indie developers. According to the SEC website, the purpose of the collective is to “act as a service provider for indie developers, either through helping to build community, helping to raise funds via Kickstarter, or with support for releasing games. Regardless of which services we work with you on, you will always retain your own IP, as well as creative control over your projects – and at each stage it’s up to you if you want to continue to work with us in the future.”

As IGN reports, as of now it is unknown how the deal with Square will effect Battalion 1944.  We do know that Battalion will be drawing on the original BattlefieldCall of Duty, and Medal of Honor games for that retro gaming feel alongside the WWII setting.

According to IGN’s report “Bulkhead explained that Square Enix Collective offers both funding and administrative support, allowing the small studio to focus on development and community interaction. It’s not clear right now whether Collective’s input will see Bulkhead adding features originally penciled in as unreached stretch goals. We have asked for comment.”

Battalion 1944 will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC when the game is fully published with an “early access” version in the works for this summer.

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