Today’s Flash And Suicide Squad Go To War Over DC Comics Continuity (SPOILERS)

Over in today’s Suicide Squad, we know that Amanda Waller is dead. Killed, it seems, at the hands of Deadshot.


Which he kinda confessed to, although there’s always a get out clause. Like, he was working under Waller’s instructions and she is playing a long game.


But still, everyone else thinks she’s dead.


Apart from Flash and Kid Flash who break into Belle Reve only to find a very living Amanda Waller. Which is fine, this could have happened at a different time. Except Waller references the recent events of Justice League Vs Suicide Squad. The finale of which, which saw the Suicide Squad go to a bar, also saw Amanda Waller shot by Deadshot.


Also, for some reason, Captain Boomerang is on the loose. The team got some R&R after Justcie League vs Suicide Squad but not all the way over in Australia,


Where he’s free to go about his murderous rage. How? Well, there is one thing in today’s Suicide Squad that happens which might explain it.


But then not how Amanda Waller is alive. And anyway, Boomerang has another deadly use for those ‘rangs…

Sometimes it’s useful to remember he’s the bad guy. Has Hack been hacked? Watch out for that pixelisation…

Suicide Squad #13 by Rob Williams, John Romita Jr and Eddy Barrows, and The Flash #28 by Joshua Williamson and Jesus Merino are published today.

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