That Exact Quote On Charles Soule’s Inhumans Appearing On The Inhumans TV Show

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We ran a story over the weekend about Charles Soule‘s appearance on the Coast To Coast Comic Con the other day, in which he talked about his characters appearing in the upcoming Inhumans TV show for ABC.

It was picked up in a few places. But some people asked for an exact quote of what Charles Soule exactly said.

Okay then. Talking about stepping off the Inhumans titles after fifty issues

Talking about stepping off the Inhumans titles after fifty issues, he says “I’ll miss them but at the time there’s this new Inhumans show that’s going to be on over the fall. And turns out some of the characters I made are going to be showing up in it. I just found that out yesterday at the show.”

There you go. Nuhumans or not, your call.

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