An Unpublished Chuck Dixon Birds Of Prey Comic, 1943 – Could It Be A DC Bombshells Oneshot?

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It was recently noted that Chuck Dixon is one of the most prolific comic book writers of all time. But not all of his stories made it to print.

Such as this Birds Of Prey comic book drawn by Lito Fernandez, which he recently posted the artwork for.

A dream sequence, it tells the story of Barbara Gordon, watching old war movies and reading old war comic books.


And then dreaming of her place in such times, told in the fashion of newspaper strips of the day, each laid out vertically along the printed page, so one would have had to have turned the comic book on its side to read.


A time of fighter pilots, of derring-do in the sky, of men – and women – who soar high and fall fast.


DC Comics have hundreds of unpublished completed comic books in their vaults. Some, like the Alan Grant/Frank Quitely Lobo story Blow By Blow have become famous for their absence. Others, like Birds Of Prey 1943 have not.


Until now.

Could DC find a place for a DC Bombshells special?

bop14It really is something else…

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