The Insanity Of The “Sixth-Ever Best Of NES Big 20 Race” Is Something To Behold

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The past weekend saw the Sixth-Ever Best of NES Big 20 Race take place on Twitch, featuring a who’s who of NES streamers and professional speedrunners looking to claim mild internet glory. The goal of the competition: to beat a series of classic NES titles the in the fastest time possible. 20 players went head-to-head, streaming from their own channels and special four-screen streams so people could watch and measure how everyone was doing. Here’s a sample.

The winner of the competition was DaBiGBoOi, who managed to clear the entire run in 2:44:11. A good 10 minutes ahead of second place winner Jaguar King. The gauntlet of games went deep into the classic library, which included Goonies, Bird Week, Holy Diver, the underrated and rarely seen Gimmick, Samurai Pizza Cats, and cleared it all out with Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels (AKA: the Famicom’s Super Mario Bros. 2). DaBiGBoOi almost screwed his lead entirely on the last game with a mistimed jump on the last Bowser Castle in World 8, but quickly recovered and made his way to victory.

You can see his entire performance above as he basically dominates every game with only a few trip ups all the games combined. His entire run on Lost Levels is amazing as hell, especially to those of us who remember it fondly for being the bane of our existence when we finally got to play it.

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