What Mood Is Batman In Today? Find Out With New Headz Up Figures From Diamond

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Well, these are…interesting. Diamond will be offering a new line of what look to be vinyl figures (because we don’t have enough companies putting those out right now) called Headz Up. The niche for these will be that they come with interchangeable faces so that you can change their “mood”. The individual figures will each come with a happy, sad, calm, scared, or “just plain weird” face. That way when you have people over they call tell if you are having a good time based on which face Batman is expressing. These will be Previews exclusives, so you will be able to look for these in comic and specialty shops if they decide to carry them. I gotta be honest here: what is the point of these? The vinyl market is incredibly crowded right now, and mostly dominated by Funko. Between their line of products, and the mystery keyrings, and Titan figures, and plush offerings like Tsum Tsum’s, this is a market I think they should avoid. Gimmick-wise, they have a kitschy feel for them, but I am imagining people losing faces, never changing them, and then bringing them back. Right now there are five DC characters coming, maybe more licences will follow but I am sure it will depend on sales for these.

If you are so inclined, you can head to your local comics shop of specialty store and ask them to preorder them for you. After a confused look, expect them in stores around June at $14.99 a figure.

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