What Happened To All Of The [Spoiler] LMDs On Agents Of SHIELD

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If you haven’t seen the last Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD before they went on their Winter break… uhm… second hiatus… uhm… whatever they’re calling it, then this article will contain some spoilers for you.





Still here?



The last Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD episode wrapped up the LMD story pod and set up for the next one that takes place inside the Framework / virtual reality that is very different from the world the agents have been currently living in. Already we’ve seen some really big changes, some dead are alive, some that were alive are dead, some that worked for SHIELD now work for HYDRA… or the school board.

But lets back up to before the ending of the episode when Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons were trying to escape with a few agents. Daisy figured out what was going on when she walked in and found a bunch of LMDs of herself. As they were trying to escape, Fitz activated those LMDs and put them on seek and destroy mode. And then the Agent May LMD blew everything up. I mean, we think she blew everything up. Well, EW.com figured that was a good question for executive producer Jed Whedon… were the Daisy LMDs destroyed?

When we come back, we’ll see how big of an explosion it really was. The idea was May sacrifices herself to try to put an end to what they’re doing.

That’s not exactly a, “Yes, they are all destoryed,” now is it?

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