Defying Will Of Liefeld, Stranger Things Star David Harbour Rumored For Cable Role In Deadpool Sequel


Superstar artist Sir Robert Liefeld made himself perfectly clear. Russell Crowe should read for the part of Cable in the upcoming Deadpool 2. Unfortunately, some people just don’t know when they’re getting great advice, as the movie’s producers seem to have a different idea and have reportedly tested David Harbour for the role instead, according to a rumor from sandwich-themed movie blog The Wrap. Harbour, who claims to be American but is suspected of having Canadian ties due to the spelling of his last name, is best known for playing police chief Jim Hopper on the Netflix drama Stranger Things.

This news is still in the rumor stage, and may turn out to be untrue. Maybe Fox will realize that Liefeld is right and they need to cast Russell Crowe before it is too late. We’re not saying that David Harbour wouldn’t do a great job and be propelled to superstardom by this role; the benefits of winning the Liefeld lottery are well documented. But simply playing the Liefeld lottery is an honor that cannot just be given — only earned. Russell Crowe earned the right to play Cable by being in awesome movies like Gladiator, and also Gladiator.

The choice is clear, Fox. Do the right thing.

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