Want To Watch 27 Minutes Of NieR: Automata Today? We've Got You Covered

Want To Watch 27 Minutes Of NieR: Automata Today? We’ve Got You Covered

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Square Enix released a nice 27 minute gameplay video today of their upcoming game, NieR: Automata.

The almost half-hour of uncut gameplay footage shows off the game’s combat and exploration as well as the “Reliquary” system where players can return to where their characters were defeated to gain extra buffs or assist an ally; 17 of the different pod skills that allow your mini-robot to hover, throw devices, shoot lasers, drop hammers, and more; the “Plug-in-Chip” system which allows you to install chips into your android body to increase stats or add skills; the riding system which allows you to hitch a ride on boars or other wildlife because running is for squares; the quest hub; and the fishing mini-game.

Check it out below:

If you’re wondering what the hell this game is about, the summary is every bit as strange as you’d expect.

“Invaders from another world attack without warning, unleashing their secret weapon: the machines. In the face of this insurmountable threat, the human race is driven from the earth and takes refuge on the moon.

“The humans develop an army of android soldiers to fight back against the mechanical horde, but succeed only in slowing its advance. To break the deadlock, a new breed of android infantry is sent into the fray: the YoRHa squad.

“In the forsaken wasteland below, the war between the machines and the androids rages on. A war that is soon to unveil the long-forgotten truth of this world.”

NieR: Automata will release March 7th in the US and on the 10th in Europe. It’s already out in Japan and has already been patched for bug fixes and a possible dig at Nintendo. Or maybe it was just a reference to a flight system.


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