The Champions On Defining Villains By The Direction Of The Punch (SPOILERS)

The concept of “punching down” was the to make a joke at the expense of a less powerful or more oppressed group than the person making the comment belonged to.

In superhero comics, that means actual punching.


Such as in last month’s Champions #5 by Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos. Between then and now, we also got a Monsters Unleashed Champions special where we met these folks.


The Freelancers. A diverse group of superfolk who are happy to work for whoever pays them the most without thought to any consequence. Not the kind of action that The Champions are trying to instill around the world.


Even if that selfishness can sometimes be directed for the greater good. “The greater good.”


But in today’s Champions #6 we meet the Freelancers again, back to their old motivation.


Anf if a distinction was necessary between the Freelancers and the Champions, we get it.


And… making sure that everyone knows that it’s not just white cis heterosexual men who are always the evil anti-progressive villains at Marvel these days.

The Champions #6 by Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos (a couple of freelancers) is published by Marvel Comics today.

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