Pro Wrestler Mustafa Ali Calls For World To Solve Problems Through Talking, Understanding

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Before stepping into the WWE ring to settle differences with opponents through violent altercations on weekly televised wrestling program 205 Live, WWE superstar Mustafa Ali took to Twitter with a message for the world: talk things out.

“Changing someone’s perspective, that can be difficult, but changing someone’s perception without even talking to them, that’s impossible,” Ali explained before heading to the ring to take part in a six-man tag team match. “You see, we all want to see change in this world, but how do you expect to see any change in this world when the conversation is just amongst ourselves?”

“This generation, our problem is we’re all mouth and no ears,” Ali continued, though though if his match later was any indication, we are also clenched fists, kicking feet, and tornado DDTs. “We’re trying to change people by convincing them, and the thing is, you change people by understanding them.”

“So I challenge you,” Ali said, just as later he would challenge Tony Nese, Drew Gulak, and Ariya Daivari to a contest of physical dominance. “Go out there. Find someone who dislikes you. Find someone who misunderstands you. Find someone who’s afraid of you, and invite them to take a seat.”

“And you both talk,” insisted the man who would, sometime in the next hour, fling his body from the ring into a waiting cluster of his opponents and allies on the floor in a spectacle of carnage. “You both listen. You both change. If the entire world is yelling, ain’t nobody listening. So, care to take a seat?”

Ali did not elaborate on whether, after taking the seat, it would be acceptable to smack your opponent over the head with it, but we’re assuming the answer is: yes.

Watch the video below:

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