Holy Metal Balls... Prometheus Revelation Is A Shocker

Holy Metal Balls… Prometheus Revelation Is A Shocker

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This article contains spoilers for the Arrow episode – Fighting Fire with Fire.






Normally a simple spoiler warning is enough, but what was revealed on tonight’s Arrow really was a bit shocking and well done by the writers / producers. We learn who Prometheus is and there were some folks who guessed it, but I can’t see how they were very secure in their guess.

It’s a great reveal and you owe it to yourself to see it in the episode, not to read about it.

So I’m going to talk about Curtis Holt for a minute while you decide if you want to stay or not. Curtis is tired of being beaten up, and who wouldn’t be, so he finally built his T-Spheres… one offensive and one defensive… and they worked well. Mr. Terrific kicked ass in the field with his tech. This was something fans of the character have been waiting on since they teased the spheres last season. It was a long, slow build but Mr. Terrific is now an ass-kicker. The fact that it also opened up a whole series of lines about Curtis’ balls was hilarious and the interaction between Curtis and Renee is still great.

Moving on to Felicity and Thea. Oliver came down hard on both of them for using the Pandora information against Susan and they were right back at it wanting to blackmail a member of the city council. Oliver shut down Thea and Diggle talked to Felicity… but the results were very different. Thea recognizes that what she was starting to do in politic wasn’t that different than the bloodlust she deal with after the Lazarus pit. She has left the Mayor’s office to try and get better. Felicity on the other hand sees her using Pandora as being helpful and is now throwing in with Helix completely. And we can all see that it’s going to be a very bad thing down the line.

So now to Oliver Queen and his potential impeachment. Oliver decides to tell the truth and asks Adrian Chase to defend him at the hearing, but he might never be called. Oliver refuses to let Adrian sacrifice himself and he won’t let them try and make Billy Malone out to be a crooked cop. While this is happening the Vigilante decides to go after the Mayor for corruption. But we all know from the comics that Adrian Chase is the Vigilante… so maybe he was trying to make the Mayor more sympathetic to voters since someone is trying to kill him. Put him back in the light of a hero. And when his first attempt fails and part of his mask is left behind at the scene, it’s Adrian Chase that takes it from Dinah Drake, offering to put it into evidence… because he was protecting himself of course.

But since Vigilante went after Oliver Queen, Prometheus had to step in and warn the masked man off. Because both Green Arrow and Oliver Queen are his to kill. Vigilante doesn’t take kindly to it and they fight. And it’s a cool fight, showing the Vigilante has some decent moves almost on part with Prometheus, but the season’s big bad gets the upper hand and tosses Vigilante off the roof. After looking down and not seeing a body, Prometheus steps back, removes his hood to make a phone call… and we finally get to see who Prometheus is…. Adrian Chase!

But… But… But…

Then who the hell is Vigilante? And why is Chase always helping Oliver? The fact the introduced a new recurring character at the beginning of the season, would’ve been an obvious candidate for te big bad and betrayal. But they introduced someone from the comics and their alter ego… throwing off a lot of suspicion. But at no point did they show us that Chase was the Vigilante. This was extremely well done by the writers. A few people on-line talked about the possibility, but it was still cleverly done. And even the reveal taking place right after a fight between Prometheus and Vigilante was brilliant… and in the middle of an episode instead of at the ending. Then we get the moment later, when Oliver keeps his job and thanks Chase… and Chase tells Oliver that they’re friends… that just stung. And then Chase goes and kidnaps Susan.

And I have to go back and ask… who the hell is Vigilante? The only three new recurring characters were Chase, Malone and Susan… Chase is Prometheus, Malone is dead… and Vigilante doesn’t look like a woman in disguise. Gah… maybe it’s Tommy Merlyn.

Looks like Oliver and company are going to find out it’s Chase in two weeks as Talia al Ghul makes her first modern day appearance.


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