Funcom Reveals When You Can See 'Conan: Exiles' Nudity On Console

Funcom Reveals When You Can See ‘Conan: Exiles’ Nudity On Console

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the PC version of Conan: Exiles, it’s that you can make your genitalia whatever size you want. Above anything else in the gameplay, that’s what’s been highlighted the most when it comes to news of the games and streams you see online. Now you can bring all the fun of making a thin guy with a massive dick to the PS4… next year.


Funcom announced today that the game will be released in the first quarter of 2018, and that the Xbox One edition (which we should have seen by now) has taken a delay.  The game was teased at the start of Steam’s Early Access that it would be coming to the system in the Spring, but would now be kicked back to an unknown date without citing any reasons. Conan: Exiles has been doing well on PC with fans of the character hyping the open-world survival aspect and the ability to team up with friends to carve out your own place among the wastelands. But the game has seen its share of flaws in the design of the map and interactive elements, along with occasionally crashing servers that have made their way to multiple YouTube clips.

You know what… maybe it’s best they took their time.

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