David Fincher's Netflix Series 'Mindhunter' Channels 'Hannibal' In Its Teaser

David Fincher’s Netflix Series ‘Mindhunter’ Channels ‘Hannibal’ In Its Teaser

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mindhunterThe idea of following a member of the FBI as they track down serial killers in a television show is about as cliche as we can get. However, if there is anyone that could bring something like that to a new level it is the great David Fincher. Netflix has dropped a trailer for Fincher’s series with the streaming service called Mindhunter. The teaser doesn’t tell us much about the plot but the blood forming an rorschach test feels very similar to the Will Graham parts of the recent Hannibal series. That was another series that was beautifully brought to life by a visionary director and we can hope Fincher is about to do the same here.

Mindhunter is set to premiere in October 2017 on Netflix.

An agent in the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit develops profiling techniques as he pursues notorious serial killers and rapist.

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