Batman #18 Introduces Us To #BruceWorldProblems – And How All Good Boys Talk To Their Mothers

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Today’s Batman #18 by Tom King, David Finch and Danni Miki sees the big Batman/Bane fight. As Bane asks for something. But Batman isn’t willing to give it up.


And so the comic delves into a backstory for both Bruce Wayne and Bane, parallel their lives, their tragedies and their ways if dealing. Basically, it’s The Killing Bane.


But while it shows Bruce’s hard life, as an orphan, his parents killed in cold blood, it shows that Bane really had it a lot worse. And while there are parallels between their two experiences, especially the way they both talk to their dead mothers, the reality is often comic.


So when Bane runs through the ridiculousness of the Batman rogues gallery and how he fits in with none of that… he has particulatr words for Bruce Wayne’s experience.


But as to why Batman won’t do what Bane wants? The answer may be back in some of Bruce Wayne’s darker moments.


That’s right. Bane never said please. And that makes all the difference.


Look, she left the light on. Say, there’s no way Bane’s mother could have been called Martha as well, is there?

Batman #18 is published by DC Comics today.

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