Rumor Comes True As LOST "Star" Cast As Black Bolt In Marvel's Inhumans

Rumor Comes True As LOST “Star” Cast As Black Bolt In Marvel’s Inhumans

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We told you it was a numbers game, and we were right. Just days after a rumor circulated that a LOST star was circling a role in Marvel’s Inhumans, Anson Mount has been cast as Black Bolt, according to Variety. Who the hell did Anson Mount play in LOST, you ask? Well, he played a bit part named “Kevin” in a single episode: Man of Science, Man of Faith. With LOST having so many cast members over its six seasons, it’s almost inevitable that any show with an ensemble cast made today will feature someone from LOST, just like every show features someone from Game of Thrones. Claiming that a LOST star would join the cast of Inhumans is a can’t-miss rumor, because sheer statistical probability ensures it will come true.

Of course, Mount wasn’t on the show long enough for anyone to actually remember him, which makes the “LOST star” nomenclature somewhat questionable. However he did play the lead in AMC’s Hell on Wheels, so he is a star, and he was on LOST, so in that respect, it makes him a LOST star, which makes the rumor technically correct.

And that’s how you entertainment journalism.

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