Report: Cosmic Forces Align Ahead Of Upcoming Wonder Woman Film Release

Mystical forces beyond the realm of human comprehension are at least partially responsible for the relationship between two key members of Warner Bros' Wonder Woman film production, according to a Facebook post from star Gal Gadot. In her report, Gadot revealed that the soul of Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins is joined with her own through metaphysical bonds that are most likely a manifestation of cosmic forces working tirelessly over centuries toward the ultimate goal of producing the upcoming Wonder Woman feature film.

"You are my sister soul," Gadot said, revealing an ancient connection guiding the lives of both women, and potentially all of human history, down to the tiniest, seemingly inconsequential details, all for the purpose of getting us to this unique point in time and this upcoming worldwide film release.

"Can't wait to travel the world with you and share our work with everyone," Gadot continued, possibly referring to a magickal journey through the cosmos that the pair will undertake by projecting their astral forms, whose power is amplified by the synergy of togetherness, spreading good will and spiritual fulfillment to all of mankind, though, admittedly, she could also be talking about the Wonder Woman promotional tour.

"[Heart emoji] [heart emoji] [heart emoji] [heart emoji] [heart emoji] [heart emoji] [heart emoji] [heart emoji] [heart emoji] [heart emoji] [heart emoji] [heart emoji] ," Gadot added, now operating on a level that defies the limits of human verbal communication. "[Hug emoji] [hug emoji] [hug emoji] [hug emoji] [hug emoji] [hug emoji] [hug emoji] [hug emoji] [hug emoji] [hug emoji] [hug emoji] [hug emoji]."

The threads of the relationship between Gadot and Jenkins may be woven into the tapestry of the universe itself, exposing unfathomable mysteries whose answers might be found only in the next life or beyond. However, in this life, Wonder Woman is set to hit theaters on June 2.


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