Narita Boy Wants You To Remember The 80s Very, Very Fondly

Narita Boy Wants You To Remember The 80s Very, Very Fondly

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Narita Boy is kickstarter project designed to be a newer take on the arcade classics of yesteryear in which you play Narita Boy, a “legendary digital hero in an epic quest through simultaneous dimensions.” The art should tell you just about everything else you need to know about this game’s aesthetics. It’s a trippy game celebrating the 80s in the best way possible.


I’ll be honest, I’ve watched clips of this game and have just sat there, staring endlessly for solid minutes of my life without noticing. It is absolutely mesmerizing. The game takes its cues from Castlevania, Another World, Ready Player One, and Sword and Sorcery among others. The pixel sprites are hand-designed to create a rich animations while the game itself promises to be a “classic 2D scroller action with new exotic time and dimension jump mechanics, RPG elements and amazing worlds to explore; from the streets of the 80s to the weird futuristic landscapes of another dimension.”

The game is being designed for release on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Console ports for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch are available as stretch goals. The project is currently half-funded and has 25 days left in its campaign. If you want a newer take on the classic games you can absolutely hop on board for some of the campaign rewards.

The game’s story is a pretty simple “chosen hero saves the world/universe/multiverse from evil” type plot, except your nemeses are other computer programs known as the Stallions. Naturally they’re a meaner version of computer spirit. You know, because they’re very obviously designed to look “evil.” But don’t worry about that too much, because they have a metal band.

You can find out a bit more at the Narita Boy kickstarter page, if you like.

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