This Week, America Punches Nazis

To punch a nazi, or not to punch a nazi? That is the question.

On one side, Warren Ellis says that yes, you should punch Nazis. And those who say you shouldn’t punch Nazis.

Which means Warren Ellis is happy for people to punch Nick Spencer, who writes Captain America, and says you shouldn’t punch Nazis, you should just talk them to death on Twitter.

The topic of discussion, regarding when free speech should or shouldn’t be curtailed by a blow to the skull, has been picked up in all sorts of places, including May solicits for the new series Calexit from Black Mask.

But I understand that this week’s launch issue of the new series America by Gabby Rivera and Joe Quinones starring Ma America Chavez may get there first.

186915_1033454_4 Consider this one of those get-it-out-of-your-system comics we talked about before…


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