When Spider-Man Threw Up A Gang Signal To The Latin Kings Of Chicago

Posted by February 25, 2017 Comment

Last week, Marvel Comics released a preview to the hip-hop variant cover to Spectacular Spider-Man #1 featuring an homage to Tupac.


Using his “thwipp” fingers to replicate Tupac’s cover pose.

Except in the original pose, Tupac gave a shout out to local California gangs at the time.

But Spider-Man’s version transforms it into a gang signal know as a Latin King crown, a shout out to one of the largest street gangs in the city of Chicago, responsible for a considerable amount of violence and crime in the city right now.


Thwipp thwipp.

It’s a cute joke. But an unintended meaning means that not everyone might take it that way. Or, it could be quite the collectible…

Thanks to Bobarb.

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