Here’s A New Doctor Who Trailer Featuring Pearl Mackie That You Need To Watch Right Now (Twice)


Many of us are old enough to remember when commercials were considered a necessary annoyance that we had to sit through while waiting for television shows to come back from a break. Now, they’re a think that we seek out and watch, on purpose, as a reward in and of themselves. We’re just talking about the special ones that play during events like the Super Bowl. Pretty much any commercial is considered a big deal, thanks to the age of the Internet, and the 24 hour entertainment news cycle. A business like any other, entertainment media, and any media, really, for that matter, requires a constant and increasing stream of topics to talk about in order to maintain a steady flow of traffic and thus a steady, growing profit. Somewhere along the way, all of us in the media agreed that new commercials are headline-worthy news stories, and perhaps even more shockingly, all of you, the readers, agreed that these are something you will click on and watch.

It’s with that new paradigm in mind that we humbly present to you the latest 30 second commercial for the upcoming season of Doctor Who, which will feature both the introduction of new companion, Bill, played by Pearl Mackie, as well as the final season of Peter Capaldi as The Doctor, as he’ll be leaving at the end of the year as incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall chooses a new actress to play the iconic role. The new season debuts on April 15, followed immediately afterward by the U.S. debut of Class, the reportedly already canceled Doctor Who spinoff.

Check out the trailer below, and please accept our apologies for what can only be considered the erosion of… oh, who are we kidding, we want to watch the damn thing really badly too. And we know you’ve already stopped reading during the first paragraph and skipped ahead to the video.

Here’s another version, for you Brits:

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