Nier: Automata Is Getting An Update To Remove A Possible Dig At Nintendo


Square Enix and Platinum Games’ NieR: Automata hasn’t even been released in the west yet, and it’s already being patched due to player complaints about a trash item in the game. The trash in question is named “NIN-64” and it’s description reads “trash that was fished up.” Seems like a lazy but obvious dig at Nintendo right?

The dubious item in question, found on IGN

Most players indeed seem to have taken it as Nintendo N64 console, which is a console many look back at with fond memories – myself included. Some believe the reference is in fact a nod to a 1950s aircraft system, specifically the MIM-46 Mauler. Others are not convinced, however. And I find the MIM-46 theory to a be a bit suspect. The item description may be generic, but it’s unlikely the be a reference to the aircraft system. Honestly no part of it other than the letter and number switching even seems like its hinting at anything to do with an aircraft. Granted, other than the letters it doesn’t appear to have much to do with Nintendo either.

Producer Yosuke Saito addressed the fix on twitter, saying the patch will include normal bug fixes as well as “change the name of an item you’ve all pointed out.”

NieR: Automata is slated to release on March 7th in the US, and March 10th in Europe. A PC version is set to release sometime later this year. An Xbox One version does not seem to be in the cards right now.

For those of us still waiting to get our hands on NieR, the E3 Boss Battle footage is below:

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