The Next Pokemon Go Event Will Allow You To Capture Festive Pikachus


Next week is Pokemon Day and to celebrate Niantic Labs will be launching an event that will allow you to catch special festive pokemon in Pokemon Go. From February 26th at 1pm PST to March 6th at 1pm PST, any Pikachu you encounter will have a party hat on, ready for the celebrations.

This will not affect Pikachus already in your posession, but any Pikachus caught during the event will be able to keep their party hats forever. Because Pikachu just wants to party like its 1999 okay? The party had Pikachus may or may not have a lot in common with their original Super Smash Bros. counterparts. We’ve yet to see an example of the creatures so for now, that’s what I’m imagining. All 64-bits of it.

Credit: Strategy Wiki
Credit: Strategy Wiki

Pokemon Day celebrates the series original release in Japan with Pokemon Red and Green on February 27th, 1996. Last year’s Pokemon Go event featured Pikachus in Santa hats which is kind of horribly off-season but somehow still adorable. Japan doesn’t really celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday but a commercial one, so the timing does make sense when you take that into consideration.

These festive Pikas will be able to join your roster along with 80 new Pokemon released last week from the Johto Region. You can read up on the event at the official Pokemon Go site here, check out the Johto release trailer here, or read up on last week’s update here. You can also read about the man fatally shot while playing Pokemon go here, if you want some morbid news to cancel out the pure adorableness that is Pikachu in a party hat.

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