Dynamite’s Nick Barrucci Offers Apology For *That* Vampirella Cover

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This morning, Bleeding Cool ran an article regarding considerable online upset at an upcoming cover to the Vampirella comic series by Jimmy Broxton, with accusations of transphobia. Writer Paul Cornell apologised, confirmed the cover had been changed and donated his fee from the comic to the Trans Helpline.

Nick Barrucci, CEO of publisher Dynamite has now offered this apology as well, via Bleeding Cool. He writes,

“In our efforts to use a fragment of the past to carry forward the message of hope, equality and inclusion for all within the pages of the comic itself, we offended the readership and for that we apologize. It was not our intent to use this cover to make anyone feel excluded, nor to spread any message of what could be considered fear or hate and, to some, it did just that and for this, we apologize.

We have a diverse, passionate, and loyal fan base and appreciate their bringing this to our attention.   Paul [Cornell] is a champion of equality for all, and wrote a great script containinga very powerful, positive message.

We are re-reworking the language on the cover.  Paul has already committed to donating his pay for the issue itself to charity and we will be working with advocates to find an appropriate charity for which to place a free  ad in all copies of this issue to spread the message of the comic story itself: “equality for all, or else.”


Nick Barrucci

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