Another Attempt To Explain Why Cyclops Is So Hated In The Marvel Universe (SPOILERS)

We’ve been scratching out heads as to why Cyclops is meant to be the most hated mutant in the Marvel Universe. Compared to Hitler, hated, and reviled, the history as shown on the pages doesn’t bear that out. In an earlier issue of IVX young man died in his care, when destroying one of the two terrigen clouds that would kill off thousands of mutants, and Cyclops died in the process. Or at least that is what the world saw.

But it just wasn’t enough to justify all the hatred.

Well, today’s IVX #5 does it’s best to handwave some of that away.


It was the Inhumans propaganda machine! Maybe with an Inhuman extremely gifted in such media manipulation! Although, you know, again, we’re still lacking in sufficient motivation here… and also while the public might be taken in, would all the other mutants?

Extraordinary X-Men (2015-) 001-00958_08

Especially Teen Cyclops himself? Because over in today’s  Champions #1.MU, he’s still going on about it after he gets attacked by a Freelancer…


That’s some propoganda machine. Sorry, Cyclops, we’re still none the wiser. Well, at least what’s going on between the X-Men and the Inhumans won’t be plastered over really quickly… as Extraordinary X-Men decides to use the issue to establish Illyana’s new status as Randall out of Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased).

And Moon Girl, another Inhuman, will also have no truck with the X-Men…


Wait, what? Man, IVX #6 is going to have to do a whole lot of legwork..

IVX, Extraordinary X-Men and Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur are all published today.

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