Logan Will Definitely, Almost Certainly, Probably Be Hugh Jackman’s Last Wolverine Movie… Well, Ask Him In 2020


As the world has waited for the release of Logan, the R-rated third solo Wolverine movie that’s getting rave reviews and will hit theaters later this week, it’s been with a bittersweet excitement. Logan, you see, will be Hugh Jackman’s last time playing the stabby Canucklehead. He’s been telling us that for months, years even, and there’s no reason to doubt his words. Well… except that Jackman himself seems to have just a tiny bit of doubt.

Asked in an interview with the failing New York Times (fake news, sad) whether Logan will be his last turn as as the furry Mary Sue, Jackman said:

When I had the script, I was like, ‘Yes,. And when I was shooting the movie, yes. As I sit here today, yes.

Well, that’s settled then. It looks like–

God knows how I’ll feel in three years. But right now, absolutely.

Oh. That’s new.

It looks like Jackman is reserving the right to change his mind about returning to the Wolverine role. Admittedly, he’ll be difficult to replace any time soon, so it’s not out of the question that the X-Men franchise could go a few years without featuring Wolverine, giving Jackman time to get sentimental and decide he wants more run with the claws. Jackman has, after all, played Wolverine for seventeen years.

If only Batman could find an actor that felt such an attachment.

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