“Gymnasts In Pyjamas” – Letters To The Editor About Batman And Superman

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Bleeding Cool gets a lot of letters. Some asking me us to help a Nigerian prince. Others about Kelly, a stay at home mom, who makes $3000 a week by persuading other people to stay at home as well. Some are full of conspiracy, some of accusation and sometimes they just make me laugh out loud,

This was one of those.

Emanuel ben Avraham writes,


It’s finally gone beyond any measure of patience, and/or suspension of disbelief; in the latest issues of Batman and Super-Sons the writers would have us believe that Batman can get into Superman’s fortress as easy as you like it and disappear from said fortress while standing right beside Superman, without having Superman notice!! Not only that but Damian Wayne, that obnoxious waste of figurative air and literary talent, is portrayed as being all superior to Johnathan Kent… ’cause he’s Batman’s son. Enough!!


I am a diehard DC Comics fan, I have always been and will forever be. But the situation with Batman in particular, and the whole of the Bat-family, in general, is ridiculous. They are just gymnasts in pajamas, running around town with a couple of high-tech gadgets. The mere idea that they could pose any type of threat to someone such as Superman, or the Martian Manhunter, Aquaman or Wonder Woman, to name but a few is not only ludicrous, but it insults our intelligence as readers. It is the stuff of fanboy fantasies of the highest order written by and addressed to the worst kind of fans who bought into the hype not started by, but definitely cemented by Frank Miller in his horrendous Dark Knight Returns. And I for one have had enough!!

Anyone want to run the counter argument?

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