More Comics And Graphic Novels Sold In Comic Stores In 2016 Than In 2015, ComicsPRO Attendees Told By Diamond

Posted by February 17, 2017 Comment

c40tea_ueaar_siWhile the 2016 sales charts from Diamond Comic Distributors have been delayed, the statistics for 2016 are available, and can be compared to 2015.

Announced at ComicsPRO, Diamond announce that 2016 saw an increase in overall comics and graphic novel sales of 0.3% over 2015.

Which, yes, is pretty tiny, and a below-inflation increase. You can look to the fall of Hastings, the increase in Marvel’s discounts for promotional reasons, only one comic going through the direct market to Loot Crate, the introduction of DC’s reduced $2.99 price point and other explanations if you wish.

Because at the same time, Diamond increased the amount of comics they were sending out by a million, a total of 99 million comics shipped in 2016, over 1% increase in comics (though that includes Marvel’s overships), and an increase in 2.1% of graphic novels.

And while there is much concern about closing of comic stores right now, Diamond’s account numbers, the amount of people who order from Diamond, increased by 2.5%.

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