For “Story-Driven Reasons,” Ben Reilly Will Be Back In Classic Costume By End Of First Scarlet Spider Arc

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When Marvel confirmed Bleeding Cool’s report that Peter David and Mark Bagley would be launching a new Scarlet Spider series starring Ben Reilly, there was just one problem: that costume!


We hope you didn’t look directly at it.

In any case, a report from Newsarama reveals that we’ll only need to endure this fashion crime for the book’s first arc, as Reilly will be back in his classic costume by the time it ends. Mark Bagley illustrates:


Phew! Stand down, boys. Everything is under control…


According to the report, the reason for the change is “story-driven” and not a result of the backlash for the new costume. And if you believe that, please shoot us an email, because we have some bridge real estate you might be very interested in.


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