See Captain America’s Hydra Underwear In Secret Empire Action Figure Variant

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We’ve recently seen Captain America expose himself on the Mark Brooks cover to Secret Empire #0. On that cover, Cap’s regular costume was torn, exposing what appears to be Hydra-themed “long johns” underneath. Why Captain America is wearing thermal underwear under his costume is unknown, as it surely gets very hot in there, but fans have been clamoring to get a good look at it. Well, Marvel media partner has gotten the EXCLUSIVE first look at it, via an action figure variant by John Tyler Christopher. They’ve marked their territory with a watermark, but, nevertheless, we’ve liberated this EXCLUSIVE for you here. Trust us, they’re not going to miss the clicks.


Now, the question is, what’s underneath THAT costume? We’re thinking, or maybe hoping, leopard print thong. Give us that variant, Marvel. Frank Cho could use some work. Secret Empire kicks off in April with a #0 issue, and ends sometime in December with an extra issue added two months into the book and released four months late.


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