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One of the East Coast’s biggest anime conventions–Katsucon–is this weekend. I’ve been going to the con for about 15 years now, and it’s been amazing to watch it grow. Now while I’m not cosplaying to this show, I still fondly recall the days of finishing my costumes at the last minute.

Fifteen years later and not much has changed. People are still finishing costumes last minute. I went to social media to ask my buddies how they were preparing for the con, and some of the answers may surprise you:

  • Jesse F: Gym
  • Jay B: Procrastinating.
  • Leigh T: I’m practicing dances for the cosplay dance off. Not making a darn thing.
  • Evan W: Procrastinating. And attempting to get stuff done.
  • Anita R: Working on LoL cosplay and trying to not get sick.
  • Scott L: Gym
  • Linwood L: Gym and stressing over packing checklists.
  • Jesse P: Feasting on the blood, sweat and tears that people shed in tribute to me.
  • Lyn H: Dying in a pile of fabric.
  • Alan P: Overthinking; stressing out; wishfully thinking I can find the right idea(s) beforehand.
  • Lavendula Cosplay: NOT FUNNY.

I’m glad to see that the procrastination bug is still alive and well, and man am I glad I’m not stressing about a costume. Hope to see you this weekend at National Harbor!



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